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  • includes the Universal Controller
  • includes printhead module
  • includes 12 volt rechargeable battery pack
  • plus a 120 volt. AC wall charger and a 12 volt. automobile charger
  • EVOLUTION High Resolution ink jet printers have become the industry standard on countless production lines in the packing industry. This “standard” is also available in a portable hand-held model which can be used for field tagging applications, in place of manually applied labels or manual stenciling operations.
  • The hand held-held model can be supplied with either the: EV1, EV2, EV1-LX or EV2-LX printhead modules.
  • It includes the Universal Controller , printhead module, a 12 volt rechargeable battery pack, 120 volt. AC wall charger and a 12 volt. automobile charger.
  • The hand-held with either the EV1 or EV1-LX printhead starts out as a very basic system. It will print a message in either one line of 1/2″(12.7 mm) or two lines of 7/32″(5.5 mm). OPTIONAL SOFTWARE PACKAGES for EV1 or EV1-LX can add enhanced features.
  • Configuring the hand-held unit with EV2 or EV2-LX printhead module gives you all the optional software features of the EV1 or EV1-LX as standard.
  • The 12 volt rechargeable battery pack supplies enough power for up to 12 hours of operation.
  • Backlit controller with WYSIWYG LCD display and alpha/numeric tactile style keypad.
  • Alphanumeric keypad with 16 special characters.
  • Printhead module with built-in product sensor.
  • Multiple Language (English, Spanish, German and French) prompts.
  • 300dpi print resolution with EV1 and EV2 printhead module.
  • Selectable 300 dpi print resolution or 600 dpi print resolution with EV1-LX and EV2-LX printhead module.
  • Print up to 24 1/2″ (12.7mm) high characters, or 48 7/32″ (5.5 mm) characters per message
  • with EV1 or EV1-LX printheads.
  • The EV2 and EV2-LX can print up to 48 characters 1/2″ (12.7mm) high in one line, 96 characters 7/32″ (5.5 mm) high in two lines,
  • 144 characters 1/8″ (3.2 mm) high in three lines or 192 characters 3/32″ (2.4 mm) in four lines.
  • 12 volt rechargeable battery pack.
  • 120 volt AC wall charger and 12 volt DC automobile charger.
  • Print Logos as bitmap (*.bmp) files.
  • Embedded EVP (Evolution Commnunication Protocol) for full control of the printing process from an external source (i.e. PLC, PC, Systems Integration, etc).

There are four Optional Software Packages available for the EVOLUTION I or EVOLUTION I-LX printheads. They can be ordered with the original system purchase or field upgraded via a flash card as need arises. These software enhancements can take the EVOLUTION Hand-Held printer from a basic system to a fully featured printer or anywhere in between depending on your application

  • An optional built-in encoder is available for the LX versions of the EVOLUTION I and II.
  • The encoder option ensures that all of the characters being printed will be the same width regardless of the hand speed.
Large Font Small Font
Size (height) 1/2″
12.7 mm
36 pt
11 mm
31.5 pt
9.5 mm
27 pt.
5.6 mm
15.75 pt
4.8 mm
13.5 pt
4 mm
11.25 pt
3.2 mm
9 pt
2.4 mm
6.75 pt
Arial [content_tooltip id=”646″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default [content_tooltip id=”724″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”725″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”726″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”727″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”728″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”]
Outline [content_tooltip id=”648″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a [content_tooltip id=”730″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a
Tahoma [content_tooltip id=”651″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”718″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”719″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”720″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”721″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”722″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”]
Swiss [content_tooltip id=”653″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”703″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] n/a n/a n/a [content_tooltip id=”712″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”714″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”] [content_tooltip id=”716″ title=”EV1-EV2 / LX1-LX2 / default”]
  • alternate font purchased separately
  • n/a (not/available) font can be built to special order
  • optional fonts are loaded into the printer via an EVOLUTION flash card using the built-in flash card reader
  • sizes displayed onscreen are approximations


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