inkjet technology by HP invent

EVOLUTION SC Industrial High Resolution Ink Jet printer

  • small character High Resolution ink jet printer
  • very low initial cost system
  • delivered as a complete system
  • includes five different character styles
  • EVOLUTION SC is a small character High Resolution ink jet printer designed around ink jet technology from Hewlett Packard.
  • EVOLUTION SC is a very low initial cost system which deliveres the the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any competitive small character inkjet. Our EVOLUTION Dot Calculator can show you how low your TCO can be.
  • EVOLUTION SC is delivered as a complete system and includes a hand held controller for message entry, printhead module, product sensor, mounting bracketry, and power supply.
  • EVOLUTION SC includes a complete software package as standard. These include expanded message storage and message length, date and time coding in a variety of formats, sequential numbering, shift coding, product count and morecan message storage, time, date, automatic date rollover, sequential numbering and more.
  • EVOLUTION SC includes five different character styles and can print in sizes ranging from: 0.052″ (1.32 mm) to 0.125″ (3.2 mm).
  • HAND-HELD CONTROLLER for entering messages, system configuration, and displaying data from the printhead.Built into the controller are:
    1. One Serial RS485 port for communication with the printhead.
    2. Backlit WYSIWYG LCD display (with 16 special characters).
    3. Alpha/numeric tactile keypad.
    4. Memory for message’s storage.
  • PRINTHEAD MODULE with built-in:
  1. Two Serial RS485 ports for communication with the controller and any other external device.
  2. Internal Product sensor.
  3. Standard character heights of 0.52″ (1.32mm) , 0.073″(1.85 mm) and 0.125″(3.2mm).
  4. Bold characters in the 0.073″ (1.85mm) and 0.125″(3.2mm) character height
  5. Standard software includes programmable: line speed, print delay, inter-character spacing, print direction, message orientation, product detection and external encoding.
  6. Multiple Language promts prompts(English, Spanish).
  7. Embedded EVP (Evolution Communication Protocol) for OEM and SYSTEMS INTEGRATION.
  • MOUNTING BRACKETERY for side coding applications.
  • POWER SUPPLY 110VAC(60 Hz).
  • NETWORKING up to 32 individual printhead modules in any combination of : EVSC, EV1 or EV2 models via an RS485 data link through either the controller or our: Optional EV-NET software.
  • The ADD-ON PRINTHEAD is used if an additional line of text of high is required on the product .
  • The printhead modules are joined together with a small adaptor plate on the underside of each
  • printhead.
  • The 7″ communication cable is inserted into the appropriate port on the printhead modules to allow communication with the controller.


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