Maintaining and Cleaning EVOLUTION Ink Cartridges

One of the most important aspects in maintaining the bold, highly legible print that your EVOLUTION printer is capable of is ensuring that the nozzle face of the ink cartridge is clean. Carton dust, ink spay and contaminants in the air can build up on the nozzle face during normal operation, The build up up can degrate the print quality and cause fuzzy print, missing lines or complete lost of print. The solution to this problem is simply wiping the face of the ink cartridge.

We recommend that a soft lint-free wipe be used to wipe the nozle face. Wiping should be in the long(vertical direction) of the nozzles with the cartridge pointing down. The wipe may be wetted with ink fron the nozzle area. DO NOT use any cleaners, solvents, etc. to clean the nozzle area. DO NOT apply excessive force as this may scratch the nozzle area.

During periods of inactivity cartridges should be placed in a Cartridge Clip. This device holds the cartridge securely in place and seals the nozzle face from air and contaminants

If the nozzle clog is persistent then the use of our Cartridge Clip with Syringe may be necessary to draw ink from the nozzles.

Please see Section 3 in the user’s manual for more detail information on those cleaning and maintenance techniques.



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