1980 - Beginning

Evolution Inkjet, Inc. was founded by Edward Gerri as a full service product design firm with a charter of providing innovative engineering, leading edge manufacturing practices and long-term product development solutions for our OEM business partners.

1984 - Control Print Corporation (CPC) founded

Control Print Corporation (CPC) founded in 1961 acquired by American Cyanamyd in 1969 and since 1973 a division of Avery Dennison, Inc. Introduced ACCUPRINT, the first successful small character ink jet industrial printer based on the Siemens Drop on Demand(DOD) printhead technology at the PMMI-Pack Expo Show in Chicago.

1985 - Control Print

Control Print aligned with Evolution Inkjet as their engineering and manufacturing partner.

1991 - Change in Production Line

Evolution Inkjet took over production of the ink jet product line for Control Print .

1994 - Control Print Sold to Domino Printing

Control Print was sold to Domino Printing Sciences PLC, based in Cambridge, England. Evolution Inkjet continued to supply the small and large character printers to Domino for the next three years.

1998 - Evolution Inkjet Acquires Rights to Control Print Product Line

Evolution Inkjet, Inc acquired the complete rights to the Control Print product line of ink jet printers. New development efforts were begun which resulted in the GENESIS small character printer, a rejuvenated ECONO-JET small character and three new multi-line large character printers.

2004 - Partnership with HEWLETT-PACKARD (HP)

Evolution Inkjet envisioned that the next major strategic industry change would have to address the maintenance issues that are required on any ink jet system. Therefore, we entered into a partnership with HEWLETT-PACKARD (HP) to embrace their robust thermal ink jet technology(T.I.J) introduced in 1984 and being used in hundreds of millons of their desktop printers.

2005 - EVOLUTION I Printer

Evolution Inkjet sucessfully incorporated and developed this technology from Hewlett Packard into a new industrial high resolution printer. The EVOLUTION I printer was introduced and is capable of delivering high quality prints, consistent reliability and all while being “Virtually Maintenance Free“.

EVOLUTION I was the first in a series of printers that has been designed at a price competitive with contact style “roller coders” still being used in production today. It was in 2005 and still continues today to be the “Lowest Cost“ industrial high resolution ink jet printer available in the marketplace.

2007 - EVOLUTION II Printer

The EVOLUTION II was introduced it incorporates all of the available software options in the EVOLUTION I and adds a number of new features such as the ability to print up to four lines of text and includes eight of the more popular barcode symbologies. EVOLUTION II uses a handheld controller with a backlit WYSIWYG display for data entry.

2009 - LEXMARK

Evolution Inkjet became a licensed partner with LEXMARK.


The EVOLUTION LX printer series based on LEXMARK ‘s thermal ink jet technology(T.I.J) were introduced to the packaging industry.


Production release of the EVOLUTION III. This unit features a touch screen controller with the ability to control up to eight(four on each side of the production line) printheads. It will be capable of printing a label like area of 2 inches high by 24 inches long.The print area can be made up of graphics up to 2 inches in height and alpha/numeric characters up to one inch heigh. Barcodes are also a part on the system and are generated through the controller.

2016 - A Matthews International company

Matthews International acquires Evolution Inkjet inc. and adds the Evolution brand to its marking and coding portfolio.


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