EVOLUTION II Industrial High Resolution Ink Jet printer

  • Second in the EVOLUTION series of inkjet printers
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • prints bold, highly legible ASCII characters, graphics and barcodes
  • Includes handheld controller, printhead module with built in product sensor, flash card reader, mounting bracketry and power supply
  • EVOLUTION II is the second High Resolution Ink Jet Printer in the EVOLUTION series and has also been designed around ink jet technology from Hewlett Packard.
  • EVOLUTION II as with its predecessor,delivers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any competitive ink jet printing system available. Our EVOLUTION Dot Calculator can show you how low your TCO can be.
  • EVOLUTION II is delivered as a complete system and includes a handheld controller, printhead module with built in product sensor and a flash card reader, mounting bracketry, and power supply
  • EVOLUTION II prints bold, highly legible ASCII characters, graphics and barcodes., which are stored in the printhead module.
  • EVOLUTION II can print eight of the most common barcode symbologies.
  • EVOLUTION II has the ability to print one line of 1/2“ high characters, two lines of 7/32” characters, three lines of 1/8” characters or four lines of 3/32” high characters.
  • EVOLUTION II includes the standard arial fonts style . Optional style fonts are available in a variety of character sizes.
  • EVOLUTION II includes all of the Optional Software Packages that are available for the EVOLUTION I . These include expanded message storage and message length, date and time coding in a variety of formats, sequential numbering, shift coding, product count and more(download/print all the features of both EVOLUTION printers).
  • EVOLUTION II has from simple product identification to date, time and sequential numbering to barcodes and graphics, all in a compact, simple to use High Resolution Ink Jet Printer.
  • HANDHELD CONTROLLER for entering messages, system configuration, and displaying data from the printhead. Built into the controller are:
    1. One Serial RS485 port for communication with the printhead.
    2. Backlit WYSIWYG LCD display .
    3. Alpha/numeric tactile keypad.
    4. Memory for message’s storage.
  • PRINTHEAD MODULE with built-in:
    1. Two Serial RS485 ports for communication with the controller and any other external device.
    2. Internal Product sensor.
    3. Flash card reader for: optional software, optional fonts and logos download.
    4. Dovetail slot/slide for add-on printheads.
    5. Standard Font:
      1. character style: Arial
      2. character heights: 1/2” (12.7mm), 7/32”(5.5mm) 1/8″(3.2 mm) or 3/32″(2.4mm)).
    6. Embedded EVP(Evolution Communication Protocol) for OEM and SYSTEMS INTEGRATION.
    7. Eight One Dimensional (1D) barcode symbologies:
      Interleaved 2 of 5 Code 39 UPC-A UPC-E
      128 B 128 C EAN 8 EAN 13
    8. Prints Up to:
      1. A one line message of 48, 1/2”(12.7 mm) ASCII characters, or
      2. A two line message of 96, 7/32”(5.5 mm) ASCII characters per message, or
      3. A three line message of 144, 1/8”(3.2 mm) ASCII characters per message, or
      4. A four line message of 192, 3/32”(2.4 mm) ASCII characters per message.
    9. Print Distance up to 1/4″(6.4 mm).
    10. Print Resolution of 300dpi up to 200 feet per minute (61m/min).
    11. Print Logos/graphics in bitmap (*.bmp) format
    12. Standard software includes, programmable: line speed, print direction, print delay, inter-character spacing, message orientation, automatic message repeat, lot counter /sequential numbering, shiftcoding, date offset , product counter, variable time and date formats, password protection and multiple language prompts in english, spanish,french anf german.
  • POWER SUPPLY 110-240VAC(60 hz), 0.5 A.
  • MOUNTING BRACKETERY for side coding applications.
  • NETWORKING of up to 32 individual printhead modules via an RS485 data link through either the controller or our Optional EV-NET software.

There is one Optional Software Package available for the EVOLUTION II printer-This can be ordered with the original system or field upgraded via a flash card through the built-in flash card reader, as need arises.

  • DATA MATRIX (Part # EV2-SWDM1) ECC-200 (2D area efficient-barcode) package to generate and print data matrix simbologies. Characters, numbers, and text data may be encoded.
  • EVOLUTION DATA MATRIX technical specifications:
    1. programmable size of the matrix: up to 1/2″ x 1/2 “.
    2. encoding message in the matrix: up to 48 alpha-numeric characters.
  • The ADD-ON PRINTHEAD is used when additional lines of text or product information needs to be printed on the carton or product.
  • It includes the printhead module, 7 inch communication cable and a power supply.
  • The printhead module simply slides on the the existing printhead using the dovetail slide and slot on the sides of the printhead. A set screw locks the printhead modules into position.
  • Up to four printheads modules can be mounted onto a single mounting bracket.
  • The 7 inch communication cable is inserted into the appropriate ports on the printhead to allow communication with the controller
  • The ADD-ON PRINTHEADS WITH BRACKET is used when product information needs to be printed on the opposite side of the carton.
  • It can also be used on additional line production lines within the manufacturing facility.
  • It includes: the printhead module, power supply and a mounting bracket assembly.
  • A communication cable of the appropriate length must be ordered separately if connecting the additional printhead modules onto a network of EVOLUTION printers.
Large Font Small Font
Size (height) 1/2″
12.7 mm
36 pt
11 mm
31.5 pt
9.5 mm
27 pt.
5.6 mm
15.75 pt
4.8 mm
13.5 pt
4 mm
11.25 pt
3.2 mm
9 pt
2.4 mm
6.75 pt
Arial [content_tooltip id=”646″ title=”Default 1/2 In. Std Font”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”724″ title=”3/8 In Arial”] [content_tooltip id=”725″ title=”DEFAULT”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”726″ title=”xx”] [content_tooltip id=”727″ title=”DEFAULT”] [content_tooltip id=”728″ title=”3/32 In Arial”]
Outline [content_tooltip id=”648″ title=”1/2 In Outline”] n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a [content_tooltip id=”730″ title=”1/8 In Outline”] n/a
Tahoma [content_tooltip id=”651″ title=”1/2 in Tahoma Bold”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”718″ title=”3/8 in Tahoma Bold”] [content_tooltip id=”719″ title=”7/32 in Tahoma Bold”] [content_tooltip id=”720″ title=”3/16 in Tahoma Bold”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”721″ title=”1/8 in Tahoma Bold”] [content_tooltip id=”722″ title=”3/32 in Tahoma Bold”]
Swiss [content_tooltip id=”653″ title=”1/2 in Swiss”] [content_tooltip id=”703″ title=”7/16 in Swiss”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”710″ title=”7/32 in Swiss”] n/a [content_tooltip id=”712″ title=”5/32 in Swiss”] [content_tooltip id=”714″ title=”1/8 in Swiss”] [content_tooltip id=”716″ title=”3/32 in Swiss”]
  • alternate font purchased separately
  • n/a (not/available) font can be built to special order
  • optional fonts are loaded into the printer via an EVOLUTION flash card using the built-in flash card reader
  • sizes displayed onscreen are approximations


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